Back on track

Back on track

Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten used to the fact that I’m going to get off track sometimes.

There will be days where I’m juggling being a mother,a student and a business owner and days where I’m struggling just to throw some stretching into a day full of being a mama. It’s been that way lately. It gets harder to keep all the balls in the air but its worth it so I keep coming back. And as I come back to dance, I come back to blog.

I need to keep a record for my own motivation.

I need to be able to look back and remember the times where I stopped and how disappointing it is to have to come back to it.

So I need to come back more often.

I have my workout plans in order. They are a bit ambitious but so am I. I may cut it down to size but for a bit I want to keep them as it and work through them. I want to see myself progress over the next 60-90 days in a big way so my plan is intensive for that purpose. At the end of the day its hard to make myself do it but I wont see results otherwise, right? So I’ll do it and I’ll post here to show progress. That will keep me blogging and working out. Deal? Awesome.





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